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Vinegars have been in use for many years (centuries ago) and have different types and flavors from the different regions across the world.

These have more use than most of us know of; from cooking, to baking, cleaning, skin and hair etc.

In this article we will discuss what vinegar is, its types and uses.


What is Vinegar?


A sour tasting liquid that contains water and acetic vinegar, it is gotten from fermenting alcohol. It can be made from wine, grapes, malt, rice, cider…. etc.

The different types are infused and herbs, spice and fruits to get a special flavor, so from region to region there will be difference in the flavor.

Some have mellow spice flavors and some have a hint of sweetness in taste, also the color of these vinegars could also be different. All these are determining factors for the use of the vinegars later.

For instance malt vinegars are used as dips for fried fish, because of how well they pair, distilled white vinegar is used to make quick pickles but other kinds of vinegars can be used too… it depends on the flavor you are going for.


Common types of Vinegar


  • Distilled white vinegar; this can be made from any alcohol, mainly alcohols made from grains give that pure white color.
  • Apple cider vinegar; it is made from apples, juiced and fermented.
  • Red, white, sherry wine vinegar; this one is made from wine.
  • Rice/ rice wine vinegar; these are the same, they are made from rice.
  • Malt vinegar; this is made from malted barley grains (malting makes it ale/beer first).
  • Balsamic vinegar; it is made from juiced grapes and aged.


Uses of Vinegar in the kitchen


  • It can be used as a condiment in cooking, they go really well in stir fries.
  • Making quick fermented food, pickling fruits and vegetable.
  • It can be used to make dips, sauces and dressing; salad creams, mayonnaise, mustard and vinaigrette.
  • It is used in tenderizing proteins, while marinating.
  • It is used to make substitute buttermilk.
  • Cleaning; distilled white vinegar can remove odor, stains and kill bacteria.
  • For making drinks to fix bloating and aid digestion, dilute some apple cider vinegar in water.

In summary vinegars are gotten from fermented alcohol, meaning vinegars have are double distilled….. First the grains, fruits, juices are fermented to alcohol, then it goes through fermentation again and the final product is the vinegar.

They have different flavor profiles and colors and they help to determine pairing and uses.

Don’t be scared to try to incorporate it in your cooking, your salad dressings and stir fries.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to hear how you use vinegars in the kitchen… see you in the comments.

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