Top 7 tourist attractions in cape verde

Cape verde is an archipelago of ten volcanic islands, nine of which are inhabited, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 600 kilometers (373 miles) west of Senegal and off the coast of Africa.

Cape Verde has a warm climate throughout the year, empty beaches, breathtaking mountain scenery, incredible fish and seafood, and the friendly Cape Verdeans make it the ideal year-round vacation spot.

Here are Cape Verde’s top tourist destinations, all of which provide genuinely authentic experiences


1. Pico do Fogo

Pico Island, in the southwest of the archipelago, is well known as Pico do Fogo, and the tallest summit in Cape Verde, which rises to a height of approximately 3,000 meters (9,000 feet).

Visitors can hike to the crater’s rim and take in the stunning volcanic scenery. You have never seen anything like the cemented lava structures that are present.


A guide should be hired as the climb takes roughly 4 to 5 hours. Travelers should pack sturdy shoes for Rocky terrain and a warm jacket for the highest peaks.



2. Salt Crater of Pedra do Lume – Sal

One of Sal’s top tourist destinations is a historic salt mine called Pedra do Lume, which is situated inside a volcano crater. Enjoy the scenery and swim in the natural lake while you’re there. Due to the salt, it’s entertaining to fall over and float or dog paddle, which is the only method to swim.

The entrance fee is quite affordable. After the experience, you can Additionally go for salt-based massage therapies.




3. Blue eye sal

Another fantastic attraction on Sal Island is Blue Eye. It is a naturally occurring pool with turquoise water and an underwater cave that is several meters deep and was formed by the impact of the waves with volcanic rock.

Although Buracona may be reached by walking, wear comfortable shoes. On-site attractions include a café and a gift shop where you may buy mementos.



4. Visit São Vincent’s

The ideal island for people looking to mix culture, fun, and the beach is So Vicente. Mindelo, the capital of the island and the most cosmopolitan city in Cape Verde, is known for its rich musical heritage.

The legendary Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora started her career as a well-known singer right here in the vibrant Mindelo taverns.

The Carnival and the renowned Baa das Gatas Music Festival, which are held annually in So Vicente on the first full moon weekend in August, are two of the largest festivities in Cape Verde.



5. Santiago’s Praia

The distance between Cidade Velha and Praia, the capital and largest city of Cape Verde, is only 14 kilometers (9 mi).

The historic structures of Praia’s Plateau core quarter, the bustling market, and the friendly residents make it an intriguing travel destination on Santiago Island’s southern coast. One of Praia’s top restaurants is Quintal da Msica.



6. Tarrafal in Santiago

Tarrafal is one of Santiago’s most gorgeous beaches and the location of a former penal colony. It is located close to the northernmost point of Santiago, about an hour and a half from Praia.

The prison was built in 1936 by Portugal’s authoritarian Estado Novo (which ruled from 1933 and 1974) to house political prisoners. Later, it was turned into a camp for prisoners forced to work against the regime. It takes around an hour to tour the Tarrafal Resistance Museum.

Tarrafal Beach is the ideal spot to unwind outside of prison, offering soft white sands and crystal-clear seas that are 25oC (77oF). It’s a spot for surfing as well.

You should enjoy the fresh seafood and cachupa, a type of slow-cooked food, sweet potato, cassava, and corn while you’re there.



7. Santa Maria beach

The majority of the beach resorts on the archipelago are on Sal Island and Boa Vista. Santa Maria, on the south coast of the island, is a stunning, relaxing paradise with golden sands, clear skies, turquoise water, and pleasant air and sea temperatures.

Enjoy strolling along the silky sand and surfing or diving in the crystal-clear waters. Watch the women selling and preparing the fish as the fisherman brings in the day’s catch.



Have you been to any of these places I’m cape Verde??
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