November 30, 2023
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Through My Window (2022) – Movie Review

Through My Window is a Spanish teen romance film, based on a book “Through My Window” by Ariana Godoy. The movie was released on the 4th of February 2022, Directed by Marçal Forès. It has a running time of 1hr 53mins 22secs.

The movie starts in a writing workshop, Raquel trashes an article written by herself. The teacher walks in and asks Raquel to read her story, reluctantly she replies, “I didn’t write anything,” he points out that its useless to sign up for a writing class if you don’t write. A colleague of Raquel picks up her article saying “she’s hiding it” she insists the article is nothing and rips it from her colleagues hand and stuffs it in her hoodie pocket. Raquel believes that to tell a story, “It\’s not enough just to know how to write; You also need to be brave enough to tell it.”

Raquel’s house is surrounded by an empire “The Hidalgo Mansion.” The Hidalgo’s live in a completely different world from Raquel, they are the owners of Alpha 3, one of the most influential companies in the country whose headquarters is the tallest, shiniest most spectacular building in Barcelona. Alpha 3 refers the three heirs to the empire, the Hidalgo brothers. Artermis Hidalgo the oldest, Ares Hidalgo, Raquel’s favorite, she refers to him as a Greek god fallen down to earth and Apolo Hidalgo the youngest.

It can be said that Raquel has an unhealthy obsession with Ares. Although they are neighbors they haven’t said a word to each other, but Raquel knows all about Ares, where he trains, where he goes, she even has lot and lots of information on Ares that her computer hard drive can attest to.

Raquel realized her Wi-Fi had been tampered with as she didn’t have control over it any longer. she traced it to find Apolo using her Wi-Fi, he greets her and thanks her for sharing her password while making reference to the fact that Ares said she gave him the password. Immediately he realized that she was confused he excused himself. As crazy as it sounds it all began with the Wi-Fi password, what is the password?

It\’s “4R35 GR33K G0D.”

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