The gray man (2022)


Directed by: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo


Starring: Chris Evan, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas.


Release date: July 22, 2022


Running time: 129 minutes


Genres: Action, thriller, Adventure


Donald Fitzroy, a senior CIA official, pays a prison visit to a murderer. He offers the murderer his freedom in exchange for helping the CIA’s Sierra program as an assassin. The assassin accepts and adopts the alias Sierra Six.


In Bangkok on a mission eighteen years later, Six and colleague CIA operative Dani Miranda are tasked with killing a target who is allegedly trading off top-secret information. He tries to sneak up on the victim but is unable to do so without killing others, so he attacks him immediately, mortally wounding him.


The target, who is also the main agent on the assassination mission, is given an encrypted disk that contains information about the corruption of rising-star CIA official Denny Carmichael before he dies, revealing that he participated in the Sierra program as Sierra Four. When confronted by Six, Carmichael is evasive regarding the mission’s true goal and the information on the drive, which causes Six to decide against leaving Bangkok with Carmichael’s troops.


Six demands extraction from a now-retired Fitzroy and delivers the drive to Margaret Cahill, the old Sierra Program handler, in Prague. To find Six and get the drive back, Carmichael recruits mercenary Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA operative who was expelled from the organization for having psychopathic tendencies.

Hansen does this by abducting Fitzroy’s niece Claire to persuade Fitzroy to give the extraction team permission to kill Six. Six, however, kills them and gets away.


Click here to download and watch the full movie.

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Oluwasegun Jokotoye

This movie is top notch. Originality,cinematography,screen play e.t.c were on point.

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