TGIF: Have a fun-filled weekend with these thrilling movies

New Movies for your weekend

It’s another exciting movie Friday to keep your eyes busy and your mouth busy with sweet popcorns from your bowls.

I’m super excited about today’s movie update because the movies are indeed thrilling and it’s a must-watch for everyone and anyone.

Our first movie for today is.
Directed by: Krystin Ver Linden

First release date: 23rd January 2022

Running time: 1hr40mins

Starring: Keke Palmer, Jonny Lee Miller, Gaius Charles, and Alicia Witt.

Alice is a 2022 American crime thriller film.
The movie is about a woman who is enslaved on a 19th-century plantation in Georgia.
Attempting to escape, she realizes it’s 1973. She then meets a truck driver who helps her adjust the time.
She further persuaded the truck driver to go back with her to the plantation so that she can revenge on her cruel former owner

Click here to download and watch the full movie

The second movie on our list is

Directed by: Charles Dorfman

Released year: 2021

Running time: 1hr29mins

Starring: Catalina Sandino Moreno, Tom Cullen, and Iwan Rheon.

Barbarian is a 2021 thriller movie.
The movie is about four friends who went to a dinner party for a birthday celebration in a country house. Secrets begin to unfold as the night progresses. And unsettling events began to come up around them.

Click here to download and watch the full movie.

The last on our list for today is
A Vineyard Romance.

Director: Lucie Guest

Released year: 2021

Running time: 1hr 29mins

Stars: Rebecca Olson, Marcus Rosner, Leanne Lapp

This is a romantic drama that involves an adult love triangle.
In this movie, a talented magazine writer was looking for her big break while she dreams of being a romance novelist.
Life gets sour for her when she is assigned to cover a wedding in her small town, it turns out that the wedding is her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Considering the fact she and her ex didn’t break up on the best of terms, will they ignite the spark that first brought them together??
Find out by clicking here to download and watch the full movie

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