Tanzania: One of The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Having your romantic honeymoon in Africa should be on your after wedding wish-list.
Africa is a very beautiful continent with different attractions, people with fascinating cultures and languages, and cuisines. With Its incredible abundance of wildlife and landscape incredible variety And thereby making it a dream honeymoon location for anyone

The best way to experience a luxury romantic honeymoon with your spouse is to experience its national parks, wildlife, and islands which means staying in an expensive accommodation.


There are lots of honeymoon destinations in Africa that you will want to add to your list of potential honeymoon ideas. From going on a boat trip and snorkeling in beautiful Waters in Zanzibar to camping under the stars in the desert of Morocco and spotting the big 5 or other wildlife in Ngorongoro crater. But let’s explore the beauty of Tanzania in today’s post.


Tanzania is a country in East Africa and it is known to have the best place for a honeymoon. The East African country is a wildlife viewing place with the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti giving out the ultimate honeymoon safari.


There are other places in Tanzania couples can have their honeymoon and Zanzibar island should be top of the list. It offers a popular add-on to any safari itinerary. The Zanzibar coastline boasts turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, and white sand beaches for some relaxation.

Tanzania has several safari destinations, like Serengeti national park which is one of the best wildlife experiences in the world. It is the most famous park to see the big 5 animals and the best place for a safari honeymoon.

Another place to look out for a sweet safari honeymoon is the Ngorongoro crater.

It is known as a world heritage site and Tanzania’s best safari destination.
Ngorongoro crater is a volcanic caldera that is full of wildlife. You will find a high amount of wild beasts, hyenas, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, elephants, lions, and hippopotamus and the rest of them.

Zanzibar island is one place you can’t help but add to your list after the Safari in Tanzania.

It is the largest island in Africa and is also known as Unguja. It is located off the coast of Tanzania. It’s also interesting to know that Zanzibar is a combination of African, Indian, and Arab immigration which influences its unique culture.

Interesting activities to do in Zanzibar.
Relaxing at the Zanzibar island beach. This is a perfect place for snorkeling and swimming.

Zanzibar food tour. This is sure an interesting adventure for food lovers


Exploring the spice city of Zanzibar


Going on a boat trip in the beautiful Waters.


Eating at the famous rock restaurant


Visiting the prison island.

The best time to visit Tanzania
If you want to have a perfect honeymoon in Tanzania, the best time to go is during the dry season from June to October when wildlife viewing is at its best and the weather is cooler on Zanzibar island. You can explore the city as much as you want and indulge in thrilling activities during this period.

Best places to lodge in Tanzania.

AndBeyond Ngorongoro crater lodge: this award-winning lodge offers incredible honeymoon packages. It also has camps of suites with awesome views over the caldera.

AndBeyond Mnemba Island Lodge

this lodge is perfect for a luxury African honeymoon. It’s an exclusively barefoot resort with incredibly luxurious bandas on the beach.

Tanzania with all its beautiful honeymoon destinations is sure the best place and environment to kick off a happy married life!!

Ever been to any honeymoon destinations in Tanzania?? Share your experience in the comment section.

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