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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Title

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship




The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is an independent and non-partisan charity established in 2001 as a living memorial to the former prime minister. Making a Difference is what the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation strives toward every day, by fostering the development of their Scholars who use their knowledge and skills as engaged leaders to help make a difference in their communities, and in the world. The Foundation is proud to build strong and meaningful relationships with organizations that share its common goals of greater inclusion, diversity, innovation and sustainability.




To apply to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:
1) You must be already accepted into or in year one or two of a full-time doctoral program, and expected to complete your doctoral studies in not more than three years.
2) Your field of study is broadly related to the humanities or human sciences of direct relevance to the future of Canada.
3) Your doctoral work must relate to at least one of the Foundation’s Four Themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.
4) Be a Canadian citizen studying at a Canadian or foreign institution, or a non-Canadian (permanent resident of Canada or foreign national) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution.




Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars receive:

  • Up to $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses to support Scholars to focus on their doctoral studies and the Foundation’s leadership program.
  • Tailored leadership training from our Fellows and Mentors, for each cohort of Scholars, notably in the context of our Institutes of Engaged Leadership, which are held twice a year, in Canada and abroad, as well as related travel and accommodations (for an approximate value of $5,000).
  • Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s official languages (French and English) as well as Indigenous languages for up to $5,000 a year.
  • Up to $10,000 per year for three years, as a research, networking, and travel allowance related to the Scholar’s doctoral research.
  • Membership in a vibrant community of Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines and sectors, and lifelong membership in the Foundation’s alumni network.

Note: Scholars may work part-time and continue to fully benefit from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship. That includes work on campus as research assistants, teacher assistants, lecturers and other on-campus, academic, part-time roles. It is important to note that full-time employment would render a Scholar ineligible for the scholarship, regardless of whether they are also a full-time student.




Several universities across Canada partner with Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and students must apply individually, via the foundation’s application portal. Some of the institutions are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, University of Winnipeg, McGill University, etc.




The following documents are required:

  • The transcripts of your entire post-secondary education in one PDF document. Candidates who attended CEGEP in Quebec should not include their CEGEP transcripts. Official transcripts are not required for your application, but you may be asked to provide official copies if your application is successful.
  • Two referral letters (References are asked to complete a predetermined referral form, which includes both a narrative referral as well as a numerical evaluation of the candidate against the selection criteria).


Application Period


This scholarship period for the 2022-2025 currently closed at the moment, when it opens for the 2023-2026 it would be updated on our blog.


Application Process


To apply for the scholarship

  1. The first step is to go to the Foundation’s application portal.
  2. Select your language of choice, either English or French.
  3. Register by clicking on “Register here” if you are not already registered on the Foundation’s new platform.
  4. Answer the eligibility criteria questions and fill the ensuing registration information. Once complete, an email would be sent to you, containing a link to set up your username and password.
  5. Once logged in you will be directed to your personal dashboard on the Foundation’s portal.
  6. Once within the portal, complete the mandatory questions in your profile. If you are selected by the foundation, you will be asked to complete the other sections of your profile.
  7. To begin an application form for the scholarship competition, click on “Funding Opportunities ”and then “Apply Now”.
  8. You can save a draft of your application and return to it before the stated deadline.
  9. Make sure to click “Submit” once you’ve completed your application, uploaded your transcripts and received notification that your referees have submitted their referral form.
  10. A confirmation email with your application in PDF would be sent to you and in your personal dashboard on the portal, one application should be listed as “Submitted” under “Applications” as confirmation that your application has been submitted.





We would like to make clear the fact that this is not the official scholarship page or website, and we are not in any way partnering or affiliated to the scholarship body and their partner institutions. This is but a carefully constructed summary of the most essential information about the scholarship, together with necessary application links and contact. In as much as we can assure 90% accuracy of the details we provide concerning this scholarship, we still advise that you do your due diligence as an applicant.

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