November 28, 2022
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Staying Healthy as a Nigerian Student in the University

Dear Nigerian student, I know right now it’s crazy. Going back to university after 8 long months at home due to the ASUU strike.

Re-adjusting to the environment, following up with lecture, planning for food, and planning out your new schedule till things get more stable at school.

However, this chaos shouldn’t stop you from looking after yourself. In a matter of weeks, you will have tests and all sorts of assessments rolling in, so it is not the time to fall ill due to carelessness or lack of preparation… sort out the factors that are under your control. Trust me you got this!

Today’s post will simply show you a few tips on how to stay healthy and fit as a Nigerian student; going back to university.


Eat well;



Lol, this might seem like a bit of a stretch when you are on a tight budget, or just don’t have the time.

It is still paramount to eat and eat well. Check your portions and the quality of meals you eat at school. Try to eat cooked and balanced meals as often as you can.

Try to cook soup, not just noodles and fries. Get a healthy amount of vegetables into your meals from time to time. This tip does not exclude fruits, please eat fruits as often as you can afford, this will help your immune system and overall health too.





Hehe team Fitfam hola! and team yet to join team Fitfam even through the break.

Waking up a bit earlier to get some workout in and prep for the day can also help improve your productivity throughout the day. Sometimes you can skip riding the campus shuttle and walk for exercise.

It’s a win-win. Find those short workout routines online that suit your need and difficulty level. Find substitutes for workout equipment too if there is none or gyms close by.

If you can’t really get any exercise earlier in the day, you can find time in the evenings to go on walks or a run.

Befriend active people or join some clubs to help you keep track of exercising.


Stay Hydrated;



This is very important, for your body function, for your skin, for your digestion…. everything basically.

Get your handy bottles and flasks for water, water aside you can have your teas like green and co if you drink them.

An inexpensive drink that is healthier than caffeinated and carbonated drinks will be Zobo, make some for yourself when you have the time, sweeten with fruits add  ginger and cloves for that extra kick.

Being away from home where ordinarily you have been having healthier options for everything doesn’t make it an excuse to binge drink sugary and carbonated drinks. They are no good for you in excess, simple!


First Aid;



You should have your personal kit. Don’t self-medicate, rather have handy the basic meds like Paracetamols/Panadol, Antacids (Gestid, Andrew’s liver salt), Heat balms, Vaseline, Mentholated spirit, cotton swabs, ORS (Oral rehydration salt), Inhalers (If you have one prescribed) … have a spare that you carry everywhere, have all your prescriptions on you depending on your health condition.



  • Don’t take drugs from anyone, friend, or foe without consulting a licensed practitioner. Outside the basic paracetamol.
  • Don’t take aspirin or other NSAIDS if you have an ulcer.
  • Be wary of unfamiliar and strong pain medication.
  • Add supplements and vitamins to your regimen.
  • ORS is good for dealing with the loss of electrolytes after bouts of stooling and vomiting.
  • Remember dehydration can actually kill.
  • Drug overdose can kill.
  • Not every medication is okay for you even if your friends took it.
  • Eat whole food, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Thou shall not skip breakfast.
  • Instead of fasting for long hours, have some handy snacks in between.
  • If you feel ill or funny in any way, call for help, or let someone close by know. Visit the school clinic.


Before we wrap up, last reminder your health is a priority too.

If you have any condition the closest people to you should know, it helps your friends and loved ones navigate an emergency.

You all got this, we are rooting for you…. Go get that degree love. Thanks for reading!

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