Some Other Kinds of Salts Aside From Table Salt, Uses and Benefits



I used to think that salt is just salt, then I started to hear about different kinds of salt, and see claims of some being healthier and better for baking or cooking and what not….

For instance, recently on Maangchi’s blog I stumbled on the fact that there is something called Pickling salt, and in fact iodized salt is bad for pickling.

So, in this article we will look a little further from the popular table salt/iodized salt and check out different kinds of salts, the uses and benefits they have to offer.




I intend to only look at some edible salt {salt safe for consumption}, Wikipedia has a very impressive of these…. Read about them here

There is an array of salts, some are gotten from the sea (different regions), or rocks, some flavored, some are packaged and fortified with other minerals…etc. some examples of  popular salts aside table salt are;

Rock salt; this is also called Halite, this is the natural form of solid salt, it is gotten from salt mines. It is rich in natural minerals.

Himalayan pink salt; this is gotten from this salt has a divine reputation in the salt world, it is very rich in minerals making it really suitable for spa treatments. It gives a bold flavor to meals and is suitable for baking.

Kosher salt; this popular salt has uneven and coarse crystals, it is used for cooking, baking and curing too.

Flakey sea salt; this is not the only kind of salt gotten from the sea, there are other kinds of sea salt.

Pickling salt; this salt is a premium choice for pickling, it has no preservatives, caking ingredients or additives.

Black salt; this unique salt has been enhanced with herbs and charcoal, it is usually aged before consumption.




These mineral packed substances are a must have in every household, and just as they vary in sizes, texture and color, they offer a variety in terms of application and uses.

Let’s do this in bits, I will be addressing some culinary and non-culinary uses of salts.

  • Seasoning food; salt awakens the whole dish; it is something that would be inevitably and dearly missed by the palate if it were absent in a dish.

Although a low sodium diet is recommended for some people, salt is essential in meal preparation, and baking (a pinch or more helps balance the overall taste sweet treats) too.

  • Curing of meat; this is a method of persevering meat, this process draws moisture (water) out of the meat, hence slowing spoiling and amplifying the flavors. This works for shrimps and fish too.


  • Washing fruits and vegetables; this is claimed to remove a percentage of pesticide and chemical deposits on your fruits and vegetables. You can soak your fruits or veggies for 5mins in salt solution.


  • Making brine for pickles; the veggies are submerged in salt solution/brine and herbs to make tasty pickles. To make fermented hot sauce, you can soak peppers of your choice in brine for about 3days or more before blending and finish the process of making the hot sauce.


  • Dressing of fruits; this goes well with watermelons or avocados, then there is the dressing of fruits eg. Bananas; before drying them in the sun or dehydrator (this involves brine not whole salt crystals) …. The latter mentioned is a substitute for lemon juice before fruit drying, and it also preserves the color of the fruit by stopping oxidation.



This I will further divide into 2;

  1. House use
  2. Beauty and health



This is a DIYers (Do It Yourself) magic wand, it works magic on fixing and cleaning some tough stains and situations. It does a good job on shining up copper and steel materials.

It can be used with other things like to vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda to improve cleaning on utensils and sink.

Due to its coarse texture, it gets the work of scouring done quickly and effectively.

It can remove smells when combined with lemon juice.



The DIY magic continues, it is a quick fix for some health and beauty challenges.

  1. It can be used to soak up your feet at home.
  2. It can also be used to make scrubs, scrubs for exfoliating and treating dry skin, scrubs to rejuvenate skin.
  3. It can be used to soak up and get a detox steam bath. This can help relief stress and delivered a lot of essential minerals to the body.
  4. Saline solutions can be used to clean wounds.
  5. Gargling saline solution can help prevent gum disease by inhibiting microbial activity and can relief sore throats.




  • Some of them contain more mineral than the human body e.g. Himalayan pink salt.
  • Anti-microbial activity, it can kill bacteria by osmosis.
  • The salts with bigger granules helps you consume less sodium, when used in moderate amounts e.g. Sea salt.
  • Helps skin hydration, and treat other skin issues.
  • It helps balance of fluid levels in the body.
  • Aside from table salts, they usually don’t contain additives and are healthy options and good sources of sodium.
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