November 28, 2022
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See The Arc One Electric Boat that looks like a Tesla! – (Video)


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The ArcOne is distinguished by its elegant design which is expected as its cousin the tesla, almost always has an elegant design. This electric boat is driven by a 500 horsepower engine that allows the ArcOne to achieve speeds of up to 35 mph.



Robb report states that it takes advantage of multiple battery packs and a strong motor to provide its rider with an unprecedented stability range and speed. Aside from the features already mentioned, ArcOne is an almost maintenance-free electric boat with a powerful motor to offer you a ride in almost any body of water with no engine noise and no rusty engine components.


ArcOne is basically like a toy that almost always doesn\’t need to be cleaned nor would you have to take it to the mechanic to get something fixed, you can spend more time riding your boat instead of maintaining it because the electric engine emits no pollutants and only leaves a wake behind luxurious elegant and eco-friendly perfect boat.


It\’s a smart boat that provides a connected boating experience and it\’ll only grow better with time thanks to over-the-air upgrades, this boat was designed and developed by a team of former rocket engineers so you won\’t have to worry about rusty engine parts or time-consuming winterization now you can brag about your boat being assembled by rocket engineers. ArcOne was founded in 2021 with the goal of transforming the boating industry with an electric watercraft that is not only emission-free but also powerful, swift and stylish.


ArcOne is known to possess a much larger, more powerful motor that can now produce more than 500 horsepower during testing, the near silent speeds to reach speeds of over 35mph. The new motor will also allow the boat to accelerate faster and maintain high speeds for longer rides, according to Lee “basically you\’ll feel as if you\’re riding a sports car but in the water”,  when you think about it, switching to electric boats and lessening your carbon footprints made the industry think this is a responsible decision as compared to the usual boats that use oil but it\’s even more exciting to know that you can do this shift without sacrificing performance and that\’s precisely what ArcOne had in mind when they first thought about the production to do this by combining a large battery with a strong motor.


Design & Architecture:

Moving on to the ArcOne\’s design with its clean lines reminiscent of spacex\’s streamlined designs has a distinct spacex feel about it. It can also remind you of boats from the 1950s and 1960s with simple designs such as the Chris-craft or a Bosch; it has a certain alert to it yet others may think it isn\’t refined or timeless enough with just one look at it. It would certainly take you back to the shining years of the past; a blast from the past.


The electric boat features a state-of-the-art sporty aerospace inspired appearance that is basic but contemporary and inviting however, given the background of ArcOne\’s founders, this is not surprising, on a related point; a former tesla expert has joined the team for the production of this electric boat. ArcOne features an aluminum hull, a 12-person capacity and is 24 feet long or 7.3 meters long, the beam of the boat is 102 inches or 2.5 meters. Since its previous announcements the business has upped the boat\’s battery capacity by up to 10 percent to 220 kwh which is three times the capacity of a tesla model-y.

Speed & Power:

According to Arc, it should be able to provide three to five hours of water fun on a single charge, safe to say that the battery is significantly more powerful than we originally thought as it produces over 220 kwh and because of this ArcOne should be able to reach speeds of 40 miles per hour or 64 kph in one charging. When it comes to charging the ArcOne supports not only one but three levels of charging using a CSS-1 port and comes with level one and two cables. If the battery starts to run low a warning will sound and the boat will need to be driven slower to safely return to shore before running out of juice though the company did make it clear for all of its future clients that if you\’re in the middle of a lake or body of water you don\’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle you can get back to any other point on the lake with less than five percent of the power.


The boat\’s exterior aluminum shell and one of its prominent features which is called the whisper silent electric motor allow it to accelerate quickly while reducing noise so you won\’t have to shout over the turbo noise to hear your friends as you speed across your chosen body of water. You don\’t have to lose your voice as you take your quick break that would be fantastic after all some boats can be rather noisy for some people. Beyond the apparent advantage of reducing Co2 emissions, research has shown that high noise from boats may cause significant harm to our protected marine life therefore the use of electric boats has a clear environmental benefit, you can really tell the founders wants it to be both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Market:

The arc electric boat company put its first prototype to the test in Los Angeles in order to show buyers that the boat\’s manufacturing has finally begun as a result, potential ArcOne buyers are even more eager to get their hands on the limited edition electric boat. According to Arc’s CEO, Lee, the ArcOne boat will be a premium cruise with limited production and exclusivity, so even if you may want one and have the money for it, it does not ensure you\’ll get one but if you do get one, the boat\’s price would be a whopping three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) which is quite exorbitant for the goods although Lee indicates that the cost of these will be somewhat high in order to fund and construct additional low-cost and superior ArcOnes. The cost of these will be relatively high they don\’t just want to achieve this they also want to develop other forms of electric vehicles such as jet skis and fairies so you guys better keep your eyes on them and they might produce an airplane next we all know that doesn\’t seem impossible for them.


With an eco-friendly electric boat you may enjoy a calm ride and have peace of mind and you can even hear the sound of the wild waves without any interruption it will feel as though you\’re only gliding in the clear waters!


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