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“Life without accidents and all kinds of damages to property and needless loss of life”…. beautiful picture right?

It is achievable, be intentional about living well and keeping a zero incident profile; educate yourself, implement guides, stay observant and preach it too.

I’d like to start with safety of our precious tiny citizens ‘Children’, and this is going to be delivered in series. I’m  opening with safety while commuting, because I see these scenarios too often; children standing in moving cars or doing something totally unsafe while in transit.

Generally speaking; as a parent, guardian or nanny of children, you should be safety conscious and compliant, ensuring their surrounding is free of hazards cannot be over emphasized and this includes moments of travelling.

During any and every journey if there is little to no regard for safety rules naturally all commuters are at risk, imagine the impact on fragile little children. I have not presented any numbers with regards to incidents that can occur, I choose to believe common sense will prevail.

Keeping it simple: learn new good habits and drop the bad ones;

  • Teach your kids good commuting habits, these should be adhered to on all transport systems and throughout the duration of the journey.
  • Ensured they remain seated during trips.
  • Teach them shouting, rough play and all kinds of disorderly conducts is wrong as it can distract the driver.
  • Ensure they use their Seatbelts during car rides, and children below age of 12 should not sit in front.
  • Try to adhere to all traffic rules.
  • Don’t let the little ones make a habit of playing or resting on the doors.
  • Do not let them stick their heads or limbs out of the window when a car is in motion.

Finally let’s always remember how important it is to wear our seatbelts, watch this video:

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Thank you for reading, feel free to share more commuters safety tips below and always encourage others to do better.

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