Safety at Workplaces – Principles, Equipment and Application


Workers spend a substantial amount of their day/week at their workplace. In all this time they could be exposed to different hazards on the job.

In case of accidents, they could suffer injuries of varying severities and the company loss of property. All these can easily happen if the company fails to implement health and safety regulations, and if the workers fail to be compliant as well.

Application of Safety Principles

Safety is not a textbook affair, even though it requires formal training to be a certified officer, manager or supervisor- to live and apply safety principles does not always require it. The application in our daily affairs require; awareness, conscious and knowledge of how-to.

An example of how, I will give 2 instances;

As a teacher: let’s say a homeroom teacher, there is need to ensure the pupils in your care are safe and not in any situation that can pose a threat to their health or safety.

Application of safety principles are: knowing that the kids are not allowed to play with sharp objects; that faulty fittings and furniture should be fixed as soon as it is identified to prevent injury.


As a cook: it is knowing that your hair should be covered, it is knowing that wet floors can cause accidents in the kitchen, it is knowing that faulty gas cylinders need to be fixed or replaced immediately… and so forth.

Application of safety to our daily lives can save lives and property from unnecessary unfortunate incidents.

Who is responsible for safety in our places of work?

  • The company owners/employers
  • Safety supervisors/managers/officers
  • Staff

These groups of people have their specific roles to application and upholding of safety rules and principles in our offices and business places.

The company owner/employers; should ensure their establishment is conscious and promoting the health, wellness and safety of their staffs and property. There should be ground rules, signs and symbols, time to time training of staffs on how best to avoid accidents on the job and all endeavors that support a zero-incident environment at work.

The safety supervisors/managers/officers; have a role of monitoring and enforcing compliance of safety principles at our places of work. They are essential in every establishment from factories to construction sites, and even in schools.

Staff; they also have a part to play in maintaining safety of lives and properties of the organizations and businesses. Compliance is the most important part in all, this is because when rules put in place are not followed it can cause accidents. Respect your supervisors, obey instructions set, observe and pay attention to signs and symbols for guidance, encourage colleagues to observe all set rules too.

Personally, it advisable to read articles, watch videos of safety topics as it concerns your job, invest in trainings too.


Some workplaces; helpful safety equipment and tools:

This is not a comprehensive list, but a list that shows some things that are essential to maintaining safety principles and to drive home the point of application of safety principles at work.

Schools: fire extinguishers, fire alarms.

Extra tips: regular checks on fittings, electrical outlets, playground equipment etc.

Office buildings: fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, rubber gloves, safety signs etc.

Extra tips: don’t smoke in areas where smoking is not allowed, turn off electrical points like light points and sockets when leaving the office, hold on to rails when climbing the stairs, report faulty fittings and electrical appliances when noticed etc.

Construction sites: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), hard hats, personal fall arrestors, firefighting system, safety signs, color-coded disposal etc.

Extra tips: this is a safety critical environment, observe and obey the signs and symbols put up, follow instructions of your supervisors, and instructions given in training.


Remember no matter where you work, your level or role at work, whether you are an employer or run your business alone; you have an important role to play in maintaining and promoting safety. For the company, for the community, for yourself, and for the preservation of property from damage, do the needful and encourage your neighbor to do so too.

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