Quick and Health Breakfast – Eggs on the Menu

Eggs for breakfast

Eggs are protein packed, cooks fast, goes well with a lot of dishes, and by itself glorious…. All these makes eggs a quick and healthy breakfast ingredient and it is such a beautiful thing that there many ways to cook and pair eggs for breakfast.

In today’s post we are just looking at the simplest ways to prepare eggs for breakfast and a few ways to serve/pair them; eggs as omelets, scrambled, soft scramble, boiled eggs, sunny-side up, fried eggs, egg sauce.


  • Omelets;
  • omelet

Goes with your toasts, can be a side for potatoes/rice/yam/plantains/ flat bread… etc.

For flavor; add garlics and herbs, cook with butter or add in some butter while it’s cooking.

For added nutrition; add some vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms… Etc.


  • Scrambled eggs;
  • Scrambled Eggs

Goes well into your stir-fry rice, fried rice, lol even jellof, personally I’d swap out sunny-side ups and have scrambled eggs for an English breakfast option (with the sausages, baked beans and bacon on the side).


  • Soft scrambled eggs;
  • Soft scrambled eggs

Just as the name implies soft scrambled eggs are softer, cooked on lower heat, less cooking time too hence their texture.

Put these in a grilled toast, breakfast wraps, breakfast quesadillas, open sandwiches, bagel sandwiches… etc.

Remember butter is your friend, and try adding a spice-mix you like, just season as you wish.


  • Boiled eggs;
  • Boiled eggs

 These can be enjoyed at the different level for doneness, from soft boiled with runny yolks to hard boil and its creamy yolks.

These are great alone, sliced up paired with toast, slice up and in a simple sandwich, and great with noodles, served with stir-fry rice… etc.

For a savory sandwich/toast; I mash up my hard boiled eggs, mix with some burger sauce and ketchup, some sautéed onions on top, pepper flakes. Pan grill both sides.


  • Sunny-side up eggs;
  • sunny-side up eggs

These make everything breakfast; breakfast burgers, beloved your English breakfast, place on your open sandwich and toasts, noodles and rice too…. Etc.

Remember when cooking your sunny-side up, you crack your egg gently into the pan, baste the edges as it cooks, cover for a while… you want cooked albumen and ‘just set’ yolks not cooked yolks.

For added flavor, use flavored oil e.g. chili oil, or just cook some herbs on the side as it cooks and baste the eggs with this.

Don’t forget to season ;).


  • Fried eggs;

 A fan favorite in my house, simple fried eggs can do no wrong.

Ever since I learnt the Indian kathi roll recipe, well this might be a snack but I enjoy it as a fun savory and filling breakfast, and sometimes I used a sweet potatoes flat bread instead.


  • Egg sauce;
  • Egg sauce

 Whip out the big guns and be very creative with egg sauce, there are so many combos to be enjoyed.

Honestly, one egg sauce inspired this whole post because I remembered my mum’s egg and green sauce, we usually have this with some fried or boiled sweet potatoes.

As I stated earlier the combinations are endless, add extra proteins if you like; sardines, fish, mincemeat  etc. tomatoes gives the sauce the body it requires, add  herbs, carrots, cabbage, any veggie you fancy just like ours with blanched green , a friend of mine has tried ugu (fluted pumpkin leaves), my late uncle used to like scent leaves in his…. All this just shows really you can try whatever you fancy lol.



Here are some very common ingredients that pair well with eggs; sweet corn, black beans, avocadoes, cheese…etc.

Always consider adding veggies to your eggs for its nutritional benefits, and it could also be an interesting way to help kids eat some veggies.

Share some other ways you enjoy your eggs for breakfast with us. Thank you for reading!

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