What is poison? This is not just some dark liquid in that ugly bottle marked X, poison can also  come in a delicious package. Poison is any substance that can cause death, harm, injury to cells, organs. Some examples are toxic chemical, micro-organisms, allergens etc.  Even well-made  food can be poisonous ; if it contains allergens. There are varying contaminants to be wary of in the kitchen, and we will look into them shortly;

  • Raw dairy and poultry; unpasteurized or poorly handled raw milk, and raw eggs can contain all kinds of germs that can cause serious illness. Yeah while some contain good bacteria, the population of bad bacteria at the time of consumption is not known. These kinds of food get contaminated easily even when they are handled with care, endeavor to get your good bacteria for gut health from fermented food, example is yoghurt prepared from pasteurized milk.
  • Spoilt milk; pasteurized or not poorly preserved milk will go sour or rancid, opened and unrefrigerated, or refrigerated but kept for too long harmful bacteria can find it’s way in, tea mixed with milk left sitting for too long should be tossed out.
  • Moldy food; while this is not always harmful or immediately harmful, there are different kinds of mold and some contain a lot of harmful toxins. So it is safer to avoid and discard moldy fruits and food.
  • Chemical ridden fruits and vegetables; from the fruits we buy in the stores to those from the market-they are all laden with preservatives and same goes for some other food items.  Although most of the effects of these are not immediately felt or seen but over time our bodies will be polluted by toxins gathered from consuming these items
  • Allergens; these are substances that can cause an allergic reaction. These are mainly nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy bean, milk, eggs… furthermore when someone allergic to these consumes them, there would be mild to near fatal consequences. This is why items of food containing these should be labeled properly and kept away from those it could harm. Example your child has walnut allergy, walnut cookies shouldn’t be lying around the kitchen or placed next to some other kind of cookie without being properly labeled
  • Pests and pesticides; funnily enough pest have economical importance, not that this means anything good; causing a nuisance and polluting our homes is on that list hehe.  Food is contaminated by pests and their droppings, lavas etc. A proper storage will fix this. Careless use of pesticides can poison food and home and lead to grave consequences, in a bid to curtail pest’s invasion in our home you use insecticide powder or spray. Failure to clean up properly or the powder or droplets get into food material or utensils, it is potentially dangerous.
  • Poor water system; this might be the easiest and obvious  problem in case of contamination. Rusty pipes, dirty pipes, dirty tanks, chemical spills etc. These are major contaminants of water. In all cases consumption causes harm.
  • Poor practices; leaving food uncovered, storing chemicals in the kitchen….. All other unsafe acts in the kitchen can lead to food contamination and poisoning.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • General feeling unwell…. Etc.
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