Ogbunike Cave: A tourist attraction centre in Nigeria



Ogbunike cave is one of Nigeria’s tourist destinations with thousands of people trooping in fro! Across the world see one of the wonders of nature in Africa.

It is associated with living traditions and has been used by the people for many centuries, and the site still retains its historical and spiritual significance. The integrity of the site can be attested to by the presence of primary forests around the caves.

History of Ogbunike cave.
A long time ago in an unknown village in Anambra state, a group of families ram for safety from the hands of their enemies who wanted to end their lives with no mercy. After walking through the forest day and night, they sought refuge in a cave. The cave served as their saving grace as it provided the basic things they needed like the nature’s roof over their head to shield them from any harsh weather and from their enemies, water to drink, and vegetation to eat from. The families stayed there for many generations and have been preserved and changed into an amazing tourist attraction to date.
Every year, the youths of Ogbunike sing and dance through the cave area. This action serves as a celebration and respect for the cave for saving their ancestors during the war.

Ogbunike cave is situated at “ugwu oba” in Ogbunike, in Oyi local government area of Anambra state Nigeria. It is 15km east of Onitsha.

At the cave.
The first thing you will see is a big black signpost that has a welcome message and the “9” rules written on it with white ink.

It is advisable to go through the 9 rules listed on the signpost to avoid defaulting.

There is a particular rule that prohibits ladies from menstruation
From entering the cave. The reason according to the tour guides is that they will desecrate the cave as it’s a holy place and Any lady that goes against the rules may face the consequences after leaving the cave.

After the big signpost is a staircase that leads downwards. The stairs are about 300 in number.

Though itlooks easy walking downwards but coming back upwards doesn’t seem so. So since you’re coming for an adventure, you should expect anything.

When you are done going through the 300 stairs, you will be received at the open space by the tour guards after which you will be asked to remove your shoes before continuing your adventure in the caves.
As a tourist, you will be asked to pay an amount of money or fee to take you around the cave. the fee isn’t much and it’s sure wouldn’t break a bank.

Inside the cave is where you experience the adrenaline rush as it’s mostly dark and it’s advised you should go with a touch.

some of the cave are filled with mud, and dirty and Clean water, the reason you should remove your shoes at the entrance.

The caves are very narrow and small, you will have to crawl through the tunnel. The most interesting part of crawling through the narrow cave is crawling through it with lots of people who love adventure as you do. The tour guards will also add more fun by telling you about the history of the cave as you crawl through the cave.
There are also thousands of bats and insects hanging on the cave walls.

Oh yes!! I know what’s going through your mind, they look scary but they don’t harm.

The tunnel takes less than 10 mins to go through it after which you will climb the hill that leads you out of the cave to a route that will take you back to the stairs.

After going through the cave, the next is the bat parlor then the Ogba river meeting point.

Ogbunike cave is a beautiful gift of nature filled with lots of awesome and scary-fun experiences.
If you’re claustrophobic, this is not the best place for you to visit.

It’s sure the best place to go with your loved ones for a fun adventure. It has a good picture environment and is also good for an outdoor thrill.

There are no accommodations where tourists can lodge in at ogbunike cave. But there are hotels around the cave where tourists can lodge for the night.

Have you paid a visit to ogbunike cave before?? Or you’ve heard a lot of stories about the cave??
Please, share your unforgettable experiences and what you’ve heard with us in the comment section.

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Wow! I used to think that this cave is in Enugu sef.

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