Obudu Mountain Resort, also known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Located on the Obudu Plateau, which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area as well as fresh mountain air. The Cameroon border is also close by at Obudu Mountain Resort.

The mountain resort provides a good mix of warm and cold temperatures for its visitors. With clouds smiling down on its peaks and valleys, it has an appealing landscape and calming ambiance.

The Obudu Mountain Resort offers a variety of enjoyable activities, including:

The canopy walkway.
Unlike The Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos, which has the world’s longest canopy walkway.The canopy walkway at Obudu Mountain Resort is a 100-meter swaying bridge suspended in the air. It is located at a height of 70 meters near the forest’s edge.
You can enjoy the beautiful forests surrounding Obudu Mountain Resort by taking a walk on the canopy walkway.
Climbing the canopy walkway is a difficult task, but it is also a lot of fun and exciting.

The Cable Car

Thec Cable car at the Obudu Mountain Resort is said to be Africa’s longest. 

The Hilltop is about 11 kilometers from the base via a winding road. It takes about 25 minutes to drive up and about 6 minutes to ride the cable car.
The Cable Car allows you to have a unique and exciting experience. Itprovides an exciting and interesting view of the green rolling hills.

Number three on the list is The outdoor games

Because there are so many fun outdoor activities to participate in at the Obudu Mountain Resort’s outdoor Games, the fun never ends.
Hiking, golfing, swimming, and horseback riding are some of the outdoor activities available.
Two large river-sized swimming pool beds are available at the resort.
It is recommended that hikers be psychologically prepared for the journey.

If you enjoy nature and adventure, you can also go sightseeing. There are approximately 250 different species of birds, and you will enjoy watching them with your binoculars.

The Obudu Mountain resort has a fitness center with cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment to help you stay fit while on the tour.

There are also eateries where you can have your meals with Either local or international dishes. Tourists can decide to at the indoor restaurant or the outdoor restaurant which will allow them to have a beautiful view of the mountains.

The best period to visit Obudu Mountain Resort is the period between October and February because the weather during this period makes your time there fun.

In addition to the cold weather, Obudu cattle ranch is the only place in Nigeria where snow falls. This also gives tourists the chance to experience snow fall in Nigeria.

The cost to enter the resort is not expensive as it is very affordable to anyone same as the canopy walkway and every other fun activity you would want to do.

The hotels built in the resort are built with mud while the interiors are made of standard facilities. The rooms in Obudu Mountain Resort are made up of chalets, standard room, executive room, presidential suites and thier prices varies.

The Obudu Mountain Resort is open to all age groups although there are some areas the kids are not allowed to go to alone to avoid endangering themselves.

If you’re a lover of nature, mountains, birds etc and you need a perfect place to relax, tour and have a good time, Obudu Mountain Resort is the best option for you

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