November 29, 2023
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No Time to Die (2021) – Movie Review


No time to die is a movie directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. It was released in the United kingdom on 30th September 2021, in the USA on 8th of October, 2021. It\’s running time is 2hrs 43mins.

Madeleine Swann, a young girl, witnesses her mother\’s murder by terrorist Lyutsifer Safin, who she shoots in retaliation. After Swann awakens, she flees onto a nearby frozen lake, where she slips through the ice. Safin opts for her rescue.

Swann is currently in Matera, Italy, with James Bond, after Ernest Stavro Blofeld is apprehended. Bond visits Vesper Lynd\’s tomb after some persuasion in order to seek forgiveness and put her death to rest.

Bond is ambushed by SPECTRE assassins after the tomb is blown up. Bond accuses Swann of betraying the organization and tells her they will never see each other again before leaving her on a train.

Valdo Obruchev, an MI6 scientist, is kidnapped from an MI6 laboratory five years later. Project Heracles, a bioweapon containing nanobots that spread like a virus when touched, was created by Obruchev. They are only dangerous if they are programmed to an individual\’s genetic code and are coded to specific DNA strands. Bond has retired to Port Antonio, Jamaica, where he is contacted by CIA agent Felix Leiter, who is accompanied by Logan Ash, a fellow American agent, after years of being out of service

They request Bond\’s assistance in tracking down Obruchev, but he declines. That night, Bond is tracked down by Nomi, the new 007, who informs him about Project Heracles. M had commissioned the nanobot project, so Bond contacts him and reproaches him. Bond then accepts Leiter\’s request for assistance.

Bond, Leiter, and Ash travel to Cuba to meet Paloma, a CIA agent who is working with Leiter. Bond and Paloma infiltrate a SPECTRE meeting in the hopes of rescuing Obruchev, but they end up walking right into a trap. Blofeld orders Bond to be killed by the nanobots while still in custody, using a bionic eye to see and communicate. Instead, all members of SPECTRE are killed because Obruchev reprogrammed the nanobots to destroy the organization on Safin\’s orders, something neither Bond nor Blofeld expected. Bond transports Obruchev to a boat, where he will meet Felix and Ash, who will turn against them because he is in cahoots with Safin. Before fleeing with Obruchev, Ash shoots Leiter and destroys the boat (via plane that Ash stole from Bond). Bond manages to flee to safety, but Leiter succumbs to his injuries.

Moneypenny takes Bond to see Q, allowing him to meet and speak with Blofeld in order to learn where Obruchev is being held captive by the nanobots. Safin, on the other hand, pays Madeleine a visit and blackmails her into infecting herself with nanobots.

Because Madeleine has been Blofeld\’s only contact since his incarceration, he orders her to infect him. Bond meets Madeline in the cell, where he accidentally infects himself by touching her on the hand. Madeleine exits the cell, horrified. When Bond meets Blofeld, the latter reveals that the ambush in Matera was staged on purpose five years ago to make it appear as if Madeline had betrayed him. Bond is enraged by this revelation, and unwittingly infects Blofeld with the nanobots, killing Blofeld exactly as Safin intended.

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