November 30, 2023
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Movie Update: Luckiest girl alive (2022), On the come up (2022), Devil\’s workshop (2022)

1. The luckiest girl alive (2022)

Directed by: Mike Barker

Starring: Mila Kunis

Release date: October 7, 2022.

Running time: 1h53m

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller.

Ani FaNelli, a sassy New Yorker with a killer wardrobe, a sought-after job at a glitzy magazine, and a fantasy Nantucket wedding on the horizon, is the main character of Luckiest Girl Alive.

Ani is forced to face a dark truth that could upend her well planned existence when the director of a crime documentary asks her to share her side of the shocking incident that occurred while she was a youngster at the elite Brentley School.


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2. On the come up (2022)

Directed by: Sanaa Lathan

Starring: Jamila C. Gray, Da\’Vine Joy Randolph, Mike Epps, Lil Yachty, Sanaa Lathan, Method Man.

Release date: September 23, 2022

Running time: 1h56m

Genre: Drama, Music


The movie ON THE COME UP, which stars newcomer Jamila C. Gray, tells the tale of Bri, a talented 16-year-old rapper who tries to dominate the battle rap scene in order to support her family and honor the memory of her late father, a local hip-hop hero whose career was cut short by gang violence.

She is forced to choose between the genuineness that brought her this far and the fake identity that the industry wants to impose as her first hit song goes viral for all the wrong reasons.


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3. The devil\’s workshop (2022)


Directed by: Chris von Hoffmann

Starring: Timothy Granaderos, Emile Hirsch, Radha Mitchell,

Release date: September 30, 2022

Running time: 1h26m

Genre: Horror, Thriller.


In this tense psychological thriller starring Timothy Granaderos and Emile Hirsch, struggling actor Clayton is anxious for a role as a demonologist.

To assist him in his preparation, he gets in touch with Eliza, a specialist in demon lore, and spends the weekend at her house.

Clayton is coerced by Eliza to confront his unpleasant history, engage in sinister rites, and offer a goat as sacrifice. Does she want to assist Clayton, woo him, or perhaps ruin him? The unexpected climax will ignite your soul.


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