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Movie Update: Down with the king (2022)

Down with the king (2022)

Down with the king is an American drama film Released on 14th May, 2022.
It was directed by Diego Ongaro and it stars Freddie Gibbs, Herman Orozco, Bob Tarasuk.
Genre: Drama, Music
Running time: 1h40mins


A famous rapper Money Merc was sent by his Manager Paul, to a rural house in the Berkshire to focus oh his next album. Unknown to his manager, Merc is disillusioned with the music industry and the pressure of being a celebrity.

He has no desire to write or record music. Instead he left the city and his career to find himself a small town farming. He spent most of his time Nat his neighbor\’s farm learning about farming and enjoying the simplicity of the country life.

The movie is a full circuit thanks to the harmony of emotion and imagery. Its components complement one another.

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