November 30, 2023
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Movie Recap: Purple heart(2022)

Purple Hearts (2022)


Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, Ben Lewin.


Stars: Linden Ashby, Chosen Jacobs, Theo Breaux, Anthony Ippolito, Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine.


Release date: July 29, 2022.


Running time: 2h3min.


Genres: Drama, Music, Romance


A young woman named Cassie Salazar resides in a tiny, dilapidated apartment.

Cassie, who was given a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis six months ago, does not have the money to cover insulin. She can either pay the rent or the medication, but not both.

She serves patrons at a pub while also singing cover songs with her band, The Loyal.

She first encounters Luke Morrow when a group of recently enlisted U.S. Marines enters the bar one evening.

Frankie, a buddy from Cassie\’s youth, is among them. When his friends start making sexist jokes about Cassie, they finally catch up. Before leaving, she returns fire at them.

Luke makes an effort to make amends, but because their perspectives are so different, it eventually fails. Frankie had to inform Luke that Cassie doesn\’t date soldiers.

One of the men in the group suggested to Cassie she should get married to him because of the fantastic health insurance, according to a coworker.

When Cassie examines her blood sugar, she found out that it was low. Neither she nor her mother have enough cash with them when they got to the drugstore to pay for it.

Luke on the other hand is facing some challenges as well. Johnno, an old acquaintance who helped him fund his drug addiction, helps to pursue him while he runs, something he does to clear his thoughts.

Luke is still owing $15,000 in debt. Due to Luke\’s terrible lifestyle choices, even his father disowned him. Luke overhears Cassie approaching Frankie at his home to inquire about his willingness to wed her in exchange for the spousal healthcare benefits.

Frankie declines Cassie because she thinks she is a fraud and because he has plans to wed his lover. This would be deceiving the government, Luke interjects, their conversation.



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