November 28, 2022
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Marketing Tips For Attracting Local Customers

Businesses with an international customer base use different marketing techniques than local establishments. Think restaurants, salons, and repair shops with a centralized service area. Since your target audience pool is much smaller, you must refine your promotional strategies.

It might seem easier to find clientele when you’re operating locally. However, establishments with a smaller client base face unique struggles. If you need help attracting local customers, use these marketing tips during your next campaign.

Focus on Local SEO

SEO strategies aren’t just for nationwide businesses. In fact, local SEO campaigns have proved to be wildly successful. Start by opening a “Google My Business” page and updating your business name, address, and working hours.

If your business isn’t on Google Maps, go through the proper channels to bring your name out of the dark. You should also focus on getting positive online reviews. Send emails to loyal customers asking them to write nice words. This will boost your ranking on Google.

Attend Local Events

Local businesses can use word of mouth much more effectively than those with larger audiences. Attending local events is a great way to connect with your community and promote your business to new customers. Set up a booth and hand out fun promotional items with your business name, logo, and other identifying information special to your brand.

You could also host an event to bring people directly through your doors. Consider partnering with other local businesses to hold a charitable auction. This way, you can form valuable business relationships while communicating your ethical values.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Another marketing tip for attracting local customers is social media. Nowadays, platforms like Instagram and TikTok design their algorithms to benefit businesses. Start posting regularly, or hire a social media manager to create a successful campaign.

Choose hashtags that target a niche community common to your location. Participate in local trends, and make sure people can tag themselves when they visit your establishment. Having a robust social media presence allows you to connect with customers on a more personal level.

You could also start a referral program to get people through your doors. Most businesses that find success do so with a combination of all these techniques. Find the formula that works for you to see growth on a massive scale.

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