How Do You Encourage Your Kids to Eat Veggies?

Veggies for kids

Today’s post takes a different plot sort of. We know how some kids are very picky with food, most especially veggies. Getting them to be on the good side with greens is no easy feat, they pick out onions, carrots, peas… practically any green lol.

While it may be difficult to ensure they eat their veggies, please don’t give up dear parent/guardian. Some outgrow this behavior on their own, some just need a little nudge to getting on the greenside.

Here are some tips we have tried, hopefully something works for you too;


  • Firstly, don’t take it off the menu. Taking vegetables of the menu isn’t something you can afford to do really. Did you know; bell peppers have more Vit. C than oranges, vegetables are very important. Eating healthy and balanced meals you need veggies on the plate, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.


  • Be more creative in cooking. Look for fun ways to serve up the veggies, try out new recipes, could be Indian, Chinese… etc. try and see what works.


  • For starters, mask the veggies if you have to. Add puree veggies to pasta dough, or add veggies in your waffles, pancakes or bread… something that doesn’t make the veggies too obvious.


  • Storytelling, share a good story that can encourage them to eat vegetables. Create characters with these veggies or buy children’s book on this theme.
  • Teach them about the nutritional benefits, give them the facts. Have discussions regularly on the nutritional content of vegetables and how these are important to their growth and development.


  • Observe their tastes and choices. Watch your children closely to know the veggies they already like or the cooking method they prefer; do they like sauteed veggies, do they like grilled veggies or fresh in salads/coleslaws. Do they like carrots or spinach, whatever it is give enough of it often.


  • Mince, juice or puree them. When you mince or slice thinly the vegetables firstly, this way it will be harder to pick out lol, and then will be easier to mask. Lol if they won’t eat it, then they will drink it😊 and they might like it as chunks in soups or pureed.

In the end you just might have to be a bit firmer and make sure they eat everything on their plates, lol at least this worked for me as kid I’d pick out all my onions, peppers and I all the leafy greens I find… then I will get called back and asked to eat all that I picked out as well… before pre-teen my palate changed and I loved onions for their sweetness, crunch and basically all other kinds of veg.



  • You should know and understand the nutritional needs or your child/children.
  • Consult a dietician.
  • Watch them closely to know what they like.

Even if there seems to be no improvement, don’t give up or feel frustrated. You have to push on with a lot of love.

Thanks for reading, please share tips that have worked for you in the comments… cheers!

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As a kid I always picked out onions from my meals,😅 I just couldn’t deal with seeing chunks of onions on my plate. Chopping them finely and neatly in little cubes has helped.😊

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