How Can 3D Printing Filaments Differ From Each Other?

How Can 3D Printing Filaments Differ From Each Other?

If you’re just starting in the 3D printing world, you may find it hard to understand the differences between filaments. After all, whenever you look at a product description page, it probably seems like all the options are basically the same, with only slight alterations. The worst part is that the packaging on these filaments is often not as clear as it should be, which leads to even more confusion. If you find that you’re in this situation, we suggest reading on. Below, we answer how 3D printing filaments can differ from each other.

They Differ In Composition

One of the biggest ways that three printing filaments can differ from each other is in their composition. By composition, we mean the polymers and additives the company has put in their filaments’ formula to specifically ensure that their polymers exhibit the properties they want. Because of this, every single different 3D printing filament manufacturing company uses a slightly altered formula to achieve the same effect, only with different unique properties due to those additives.

They Differ In Printing Characteristics

Another way 3D printing settlements may differ from each other is in their printing characteristics. These are physical characteristics, such as rigidity, flexibility, resistance to certain chemicals, and a 3D printing material’s heat resistance. Because of this, you must understand the printing characteristics of the filaments before purchasing them, as that will give you a good idea of the properties you can expect to end up with.

They May Need Post Processing

The last and perhaps most important way 3D printing filaments differ from each other is that some filaments may need post processing while others may not. Post processing often occurs when a filament is not completely cured by the end of the print and requires an extra step to achieve its final physical structure. In most cases, post processing will likely occur when there is a filament that can exhibit a highly specialized characteristic that only is exhibited once a filament has undergone said post processing procedure.

We hope you have enjoyed a recap of how 3D printing filaments can differ from each other. In many cases, if you use the wrong filament for the wrong goal, you may end up injuring yourself or another person. So take this process seriously and choose your filaments carefully.

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