We already know how breakfast is the most important meal of the day; and one of the healthiest options would be one that is balanced….

Well today, let me share something delightful.
I could give you five chances to guess and you wouldn’t probably list what i have on the menu card today if you live in Nigeria as it is more popular as a treat hehe….well it is none other than the beautiful cup or plate of YOGHURT PARFAIT…. lol for many it is that once in awhile treat especially for the ladies, and they have this at no specific time in day(this is not wrong), but my point is it a very good and healthy breakfast option.
The yogurt parfait is basically greek yoghurt, fruits and granola layered up. Let’s go through the components:

1. Yoghurt; plain unsweetened(can be sweetened with honey), sweetened , low fat or what option should do, but homemade is always good because you are sure of what is in it, and no added chemicals and all that. With or without the granola yoghurt in the mornings is a fine and popular selection with numerous ways to dress it….mostly importantly it is probiotic and has many helpful gut bacteria(topic for another day).

2. Granola: this is the yummy and cruncy component that completes this package of goodness. This is basically toasted oats, with sometimes other healthy grains and seeds, nuts like almond, cashew etc(this is optional incases of allergy), raisins and many other optional yummy stuff. Well i should add just like the yoghurt too, homemade granola is better because it gives you control over the sodium levels, sugar/no sugar and no added chemicals….unless you are buying it from a trusted source. Granola is rich in fibre, this keeps you full for longer and, aids bowel movement. You can chew on it by itself as a snack, mix into cookie dough, into pancake batter, sprinkle on your pap/custard(i have:))…really it’s your pick.

3. Finally fruits, they just make the whole equation sum up nicely texture wise and nutrition wise…..my favorites to add are apples, bananas and shredded coconut….do you, add whatever. Jam is a good substitute in abscence of fruits, it gives that flavor and sweetness.

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Really like ur idea

Asemah Maureen

Thank you!


Great article

Asemah Maureen

Thanks alot, i’m glad you enjoyed it.

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