November 28, 2022
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Food tour – Most popular foods to try in Nigeria.

Nigerian food is incredibly diverse in its recipes and methods of preparation. For instance, it is common knowledge that leftover Jollof rice tastes better. Unfortunately, not many individuals in the West have had real Nigerian food. Food in Nigeria is tasty, delicious, and always prepared with love.

Nigerian food is amazingly colorful, aromatic, and full of various ingredients because it is made from traditional recipes and cooking methods from hundreds of different ethnic groups.

Nigerian cuisine is a treat to the eyes and the stomach, filled with filling staples and flavored with a wide variety of herbs and spices.

There are several traditional foods in Nigeria that you simply must taste while there. As you explore the local bukas, take a look at the regional menus. Here are the indigenous foods you should eat while visiting Nigeria.


1. Jollof rice


Jollof rice is one of the popular foods in West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Mali, Liberia, and others. It is a food that brings a pronounced rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana over which version of the dish is more delicious.
This on the other hand has led to so many innovative jollof rice recipe ideas.

Jollof rice is made with Rice, tomatoes, pepper, oil, and other desired condiments with salt and bullion cubes as the base. There is no specific protein one can use to make the dish. One can decide to use chicken, turkey, goat meat, beef, fish, etc. It all depends on one\’s choice.


This sumptuous dish can always be eaten with side dishes such as fried plantain, creamy vegetable salad, coleslaw, and Moi-Moi.

Jollof is a delicious Nigerian dish anyone should try when he or she is visiting Nigeria for the first time.


2. Pepper soup


Pepper soup is a perfect dish for those who like the nightlife and also a perfect soup for the cold season.
It is a popular soup in Nigeria and some countries in Africa.
It is a light spicy soup commonly and best served with any chilled drink.

The soup is made with different ingredients with chili pepper, fresh habanero pepper, and any variety of meat as the base. In some cases, some people add boiled yam, plantain, or potatoes to the dish. While some prefer using freshly baked bread.

Pepper soup is a very delicious soup that contains various healthy nutrients due to the spices used in preparing it.


3. Suya. (Grilled kebab)


It\’s a Nigerian dish popularly made in the northern (Hausa) part of Nigeria. It\’s a special dish made from skewed meat, especially beef, salt, onions ground peanut, pepper, and other desired spices, and the spicy added gives it a very hot and juicy taste.


It\’s a dish mostly prepared at night by the local Hausa street vendors. Suya is sometimes served at parties with small chops and samosa with a chilled drink.


4. Amala and Ewedu soup


Ewedu is a delicious draw soup that is common among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, especially the Ibadan people, and it is often served with tomato and pepper stew or gbegiri and amala as the main swallow.

Ewedu is made from jute leaves, iru (fermented locust beans), salt/Maggi, and crayfish. Amala is made from grounded dried yam or plantain or cassava which gives it a brown color.
Amala and ewedu is a well-known and popular Nigeria food not just among the Yoruba tribe but other tribes as well


5. Ewa agoyin


Although its root is traced back to the Benin republic, it is a popular delicious food in Nigeria, and its commonly seen in the western part of Nigeria. It is made from well-cooked mashed beans mixed with dried pepper sauce.

Ewa agoyin is a common street food among the Yorubas. It’s a dish that is commonly paired with the popular “agege bread” or any soft and sweet bread. The combination produces a wonderful taste and turns you into an Oliver twist.


6. ofada stew with rice


This is one of the best stews anyone visiting Nigeria for the first time should try. Ofada stew is one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. The stew has its root in the Yoruba people and just like ewa agoyin and ewedu soup, the popularity has spread throughout Nigeria.


It is made with bleached palm oil, iru (fermented locust beans), different varieties of meat, boiled eggs, crayfish, and other condiments. It is served with ofada rice, a locally grown rice in Nigeria. Ofada rice is unpolished, but it\’s healthier and richer in fiber than imported parboiled rice.

This dish is best enjoyed when eaten from banana leaves or moi-moi leaves and also when eaten with fingers.

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