November 30, 2022
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Floods in Lagos; as Case Study for Safety While Commuting in Heavy Rain/Rainy Season

There is a wave of growing concern and uneasiness in the hearts of Lagosians due to the torrential rainfall and the consequential accidents.

Some headlines reported by The Vanguard newspaper in respect to this topic;

Tragedy as heavy floods sweeps away commercial bus driver in Lagos…. This happened on the 8th of July, read the full story here.


Just in; Flood sweeps SUV, four occupants away in Lagos…. This happen on the 9th, read the full story here.

There are a lot of other cities prone to flooding, not just Lagos…. If your city is one of such take note. Today we will see a few tips that can help you stay safe in this season.


Firstly here are some things that pose a threat to our safety in this weather conditions;

  • Unsealed Manholes
  • Wires
  • Pot holes
  • Sewers/Drainages (open or with defective grates)
  • Poor conditions of vehicles
  • Sharp objects floating around.


Whether you are driving yourself or commuting by any vehicle at all, or walking these tips concern you and should be applied according to the situation it addresses.


When walking;

  • Be mindful of manholes(even on bridges), wires, fallen poles, open drainage…
  • Don’t take a route that is unfamiliar.
  • Take shelter when the weather conditions worsens.
  • Avoid reasons that will you make go out in these conditions as much as possible.
  • Try to carry umbrella or rain coats.
  • Don’t wade through flood water.
  • Be patient; wait till it stops raining or till parts of the roads are visible again.


When driving;

  • Ensure your car is in optimal conditions before leaving the house
  • Try to check the forecast more often these days, plan your movement accordingly.
  • Check your wind shield wipers, be sure they work to help with visibility.
  • If your tyres are getting smooth, change them…. You are already at risk of accidents with wet and slippery roads, and your smooth tyres is the guarantee for accident.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Be very observant.
  • Give other drivers good space, to prevent bumps and crash as you don’t know if they are having trouble seeing.
  • Don’t ply an unfamiliar route.
  • Don’t ply a flood-notorious route.
  • If the conditions are worsening park at a safe spot.
  • If there are shops around, alight your vehicle and take shelter there instead.
  • Beware of drainage/manholes.
  • Just as the person walking if the journey can be completely avoided, better.

Better safe than sorry, truly that appointment can wait or be rescheduled, take that option. There are situations where you were probably already out before the rain started, observe the tips listed above to reduce the risk of encountering an accident. Share these tips with your friends and family too. Thank you for reading.

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