Different ways to eat Bananas in Nigeria

Bunch of banana

No need to introduce this fruit to you, it is sold on almost every street and market, even hawked in traffic on the roads. Also as we all know they are quite inexpensive and sweet.

However what we might not know about Banana; is that it can be used for many things, and it has many health benefits.

Some of health benefits include;

  • It is rich in folic acids and this helps blood formation.
  • It is rich in fiber so it is good for weight loss, digestion and promotes good gut health.
  • It helps promote good sleep and good mood.
  • It is an energy giving food as it has glucose, fructose and sucrose.


Ways you can eat your bananas


If you are ‘bananas’ about bananas then here are some interesting ways to enjoy bananas

By itself it is delicious, and it goes well with roasted peanuts, you can slice some up and serve it with rice.

  • You can make; smoothies, milkshakes and banana milk (this is bananas, with equal parts water and milk, vanilla and the consistency is lighter than a smoothie). You can also try this healthy and filling banana drink; blend some soaked fresh peanuts, bananas, water and honey (for extra sweetness).
  • You can add banana slices as toppings for your pancakes, yoghurt parfait, oatmeal porridge, overnight oats, pap/custard.
  • You can bake some banana bread, cake and banana muffins. This taste a lot better than store bought that might have substituted real bananas for banana flavor.
  • You can make banana pancakes, add some mashed bananas in your pancake mix, a healthier option would be to swap out regular flour for some high fiber flour or simply add some oats to the banana pancake mix.
  • You can make some healthy homemade ice-cream, Froyo (bananas, cream and yoghurt) with frozen bananas, and other fruits of choice.
  • Banana chips, just like plantain chips unripe banana chips is quite tasty.
  • Porridge; porridge banana is an interesting local delicacy peculiar to the Efik and Ibibio people, it is called Oto Mboro… it is made with any specie of banana, made in the same style as cocoyam porridge, you need grated unripe bananas, assorted fish, nfi (periwinkle in shell), crayfish, palm oil and some pumpkin, scent leaf or atusa (uziza).
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