Cost Effective Ways to Maintain Good Health


Dolce vita! ‘The good life’ is not just in boat cruises, or mimosas and sunsets on the islands. Good health is fundamental and equivalent to living the good life.

Maintaining our health and being intentional about all aspects of our wellbeing is crucial. Unlearning habits that put our health at risk and learning the ones that promote our wellbeing is very vital.

While a certain percentage of the population might not have access to the best of healthcare and certain products and services that better our overall health and keep us far from certain illnesses, they have the access or provision to implement one or some of the practices on our list.

Without any particular order in terms of importance, this list shows things and practices that improve health either by preventing or treating certain illnesses and conditions;

  • Diet

Ever heard the statement “you are what you eat”? Our nutrition has a very big role to play in our overall wellbeing, eating the right food, helps the body fight our illness, recover faster from illness and prevent some illness.

Eating well entails consuming all the essential nutrients in the needed amount, a person could be eating a lot of food, rich food, but at the same time consuming an improper and unbalanced diet. Sparing some change on healthy food; fruits, vegetables etc. is good.

Most times, incorporating these healthy food to our diet is a lot cheaper than paying for treatment for an illness that could have been avoided by eating right. Eating all the food that could help prevent a stroke and treating the actual stroke, and also dealing with all the after effects, which is cheaper?


  • Supplements

These are important to everyone at almost every stage of life. At every step of life.

Our bodies require different things, there are also many other deciding factors of what our bodies need, therefore it is important to talk to your doctors/pharmacist from time to time and find out the supplements that can help.

  • Exercise

One of the oldest methods of maintaining health known to us, proven time after time by athletes and people that lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Exercise is good for heart health, brain health, muscles, joints and general wellbeing. Its importance cannot be overemphasized. Even when you are unable to do rigorous exercises or high intensity workouts, try a little cardio, try walking often, do some stretches, join a yoga class, there are lots of amazing options that can be tailored to your health needs and budget.

  • Detox


Most important tip is drinking water, drink enough water daily, and let it cleanse your system. Try detox drinks, you can buy or better still make some at home, which is cheaper.

If you must make them yourself, find substitutes for fruits, vegetables or spices that are not good for you, probably due to an already existing medical condition. Some detox food; lemon, ginger, cucumber, kale, turmeric, cloves, mint etc.

  • Rest

As simple as this sounds, the lack of rest is one of the major causes of stress and stress-related illnesses in the world.

Take a breather, take 15mins, take a nap, and try to get a decent 7-8hrs sleep every day. Always make time to rest well after a really stretched work week or long hours of activities, let your body recuperate.

Failure to do so increases your stress levels, which could affect your immunity, put you at risk of fatigue and breakdown physically and mentally.

  • Safety practices

safety practices

This is one factor many are unaware of or do not consider as important. Now picture this; will you be charged to pay for treatment of an injury, if the accident that led to the injury never happened in the first place?

Prevention of accidents, is cheaper than treating injuries after accidents. Investing in quality protective gear or compliance in using the provided protective gear is cheaper than treating the injuries that could be sustained or illnesses that could be contracted due to exposure to certain hazards, whether chemical or biological.


  • Meditation

meditating girl

Just like rest for the body and mind. Meditation is good for the mind, the world is not big on mental health these days for nothing.

The benefits of meditation also help the body. When your mind is at peace, you are in good spirits, you are happier and healthier. Pray, sit in silence, there could be different methods to this, whether you are religious or not, find that inner peace.

  • Regular checkup

medical checkup

Just as prevention is better than cure, early detection is better and it goes a long way to ensure recovery most times, save some bucks, and explore options that only work in the onset of a disease.

Diseases aside, knowing your body and organ conditions can be a booster to lead a healthy lifestyle or encourage if you were already towing that lane.

  • Health insurance

Health Insurance

Last but not the least, invest in a quality and dependable health insurance plan. This is a lifesaving investment. Do some good research into the companies, and partner hospitals to ensure you are getting the best or your money’s worth.

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