November 28, 2022
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College Hacks: How To Breeze Through Mid-Term Season

When fall festivities begin and the football season enters its peak, you can count on your professors to create a detailed mid-term exam or project. Exam season is never fun, but mid-term exams could take students by surprise due to the many events and festivities happening on campus. So learning how to balance your schoolwork and social life without becoming too overwhelmed is important.

Don’t fall behind or feel stressed this year! Prioritize your time and plan to have a successful exam season. Although it’s easier said than done, you can do it. Let’s dive into some college hacks that will help you breeze through the mid-term season.

Plan Your Week Ahead of Time

The best way to prepare for your mid-term exam is to plan your weeks. While studying for your mid-terms, you likely have other assignments or projects to tend to—don’t abandon them! In your planner, it’s a good idea to color code your subjects and prioritize your tasks. This way, you can spread out your responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Change the Scenery

Sometimes we need a change of scenery to help us de-stress. Mid-terms are no joke! Unfortunately, an exam can make or break your grade in some classes. We get it; the pressure is high, and so is your stress. However, instead of studying in a stark white study room, why not study in the student union or your major building?

You and your friends could also take turns opening each other’s dorm or home to study sessions. Changing the scenery and vibe can significantly help you study and better retain the information you need to know for your exam.

It’s All in the Mind

Unfortunately, our minds can be our worse enemies. Don’t listen to the voice in your head saying that you’re going to fail—you’re not. You will be fine if you study and properly prepare for the exam by asking questions and reaching out to your professor and classmates. Finding that motivation to pursue your degree will carry you throughout the semester and the entirety of your college career.

Motivate yourself with inspiring mantras or Facetime your best friends. Figuring out what motivates you will help you regulate your mind for exam season.

Take Care of Yourself

When exam season falls upon college students, faculty will begin to roll out health and wellness campaigns. Whether it’s exam season or not, you should take care of yourself. What does self-care look like for you? Is it getting a massage? Is it listening to music? Is it visiting your favorite market? Whatever self-care looks like, do it. Invest time in yourself to do the things that make you happy. If you let self-care fall to the wayside, you could face major health problems from stress.

Breeze through the mid-term season by following our college hacks. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, but don’t forget to study. Studying can seem boring and unnecessary, but with the right tools, motivation, and resources, you will slide through the exam!

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