November 28, 2022
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Best Reasons for Becoming a Sports Journalist

Sports journalism is a gratifying and exciting profession for a sports fan who enjoys communicating and storytelling. But the other benefits, like seeing the world and meeting your idols, are some of the best reasons for becoming a sports journalist, making going to work a delight.

Job Flexibility

Few jobs in this world are as flexible as becoming a sports journalist. There are no set hours or timecards for you to punch when you’re following a team and writing a story. Completing the job by your deadline date, whatever that may be, is usually the only requirement.

Setting your hours and work at a time most optimal for you is a benefit most jobs cannot provide. This career ensures you can see your children’s games, go on a family vacation, and not be a distant parent when you’re not on an assignment.

Meet the World’s Coolest People

Growing up while listening to the best broadcasters ever may have put a fire in your belly for the sports journalism business. As you dreamt of having the mic in your hand and calling the action while playing video games in your bedroom, you probably couldn’t have fathomed meeting any of these people and calling them co-workers.

You can meet influential people when you choose this path. Being in the locker room with the world’s best athletes and getting tips from the finest wordsmiths is so rewarding that it feels like you shouldn’t even get a paycheck for the hours you put into it.

A Chance To See the World

In addition to the people you meet, you also get to travel the country and possibly the world, depending on what you cover. If you work directly with a team, you might accompany them on road trips or, at the very least, go to the most important games of the year.

When you work at an ordinary nine-to-five job, the odds are that the only thing you’ll see that day is your screen and the walls that make up your cubicle. That way of living drains you, whereas becoming a sports journalist feels like every day is a unique experience.

Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Rarely in life does someone get to follow their passion and make a living doing it. If you like sports, sports journalism enables you to study and work in a field you enjoy. Doing something you love gives you meaning and purpose, improving your general health and well-being. It motivates you to keep learning and growing, which puts you on the right track to success.

The best reasons for becoming a sports journalist highlight what a great field it is to get into. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. So, if you feel like you’re on the road to nowhere, don’t be afraid to change course and follow your one true passion.

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