Basic Kitchen and Food Safety for Kids

The kitchen and food are such important elements of our lives, whether we get to cook daily or not, due to our schedules or by choice, it’s essential for many other reasons.

Getting our kids in on cooking early, is a wonderful idea; they are learning an important life skill and it can also be an awesome way to bond with kids.
Despite the many good in this practice, we must remain safety conscious at all times. Poor planned kitchens, with no rules with regards to conduct in-there, food contamination, presence of allergens, etc are hazardous to the children. Unfortunate incidents like burns, poisoning, knife cuts, concussions, etc can be avoided while enjoying our time with our children.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to achieve your goal of keeping the young ones safe and healthy always.
Here are a few tips to implement;

  • Always read labels of products for BB (best before), allergens etc.
  • Teach them to be wary of opened and unrefrigerated dairy products as they can get contaminated easily.
  • No picking of food from the floors.
  • Observe hygienic cooking practices and use clean utensils.
  • Chemicals shouldn’t be stored in the kitchen.
  • Items stored in the kitchen should be labeled properly.
  • Wash hands before eating.
  • Avoid plates with accessories that peel off or break, to prevent them from ingesting the broken bits.
  • Kids not old enough to cook should observe from a safe distance.
  • Don’t let your child stand under your hands when handling heavy, hot or sharp objects.
  • Don’t let them stand in your way too, because of brisk movement with hot pots and co.
  • Take extra caution when frying or cooking with naked flame with your kids.
  • Teach the proper way to handle sharp tools, pointy ends facing downwards and at safe distance from the body, also don’t wave them around.
  • Provide sturdy and balanced platforms for standing if they can’t reach the sink or top of the aisle, or make other safer arrangements.
  • Sharp utensils should be stored properly.
  • Broken utensils should be discarded.
  • Clean wet floors immediately.
  • Don’t touch hot surfaces, lids with bare hands.

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