June 2, 2023
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Autopsy of Jane Doe

In today\’s post, I will be doing a recap for the horror flick The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The movie was released in September 2016,

directed by André Ovredal.

It\’s running time: 1hr26mins.

It started In Graham, where multiple homicides occur, leaving a gruesome crime scene. On the premises, no stranger\’s fingerprints of forced entry can be located. The bodies\’ condition suggests that they attempted but failed to flee the house.
The strangest discovery is an immaculate body of a lady partially buried in the basement; in fact, all of the victims\’ identities and causes of death are known, except for the woman. What\’s more concerning is that she seemed to have had no reason to be at the crime site.
For the time being, the sheriff decides to call her Jane Doe.

Tommy Tilden and his son Austin Tilden, on the other hand, run a morgue that has been a landmark in the community for years. Tildens are so experienced that they can determine the cause of death in any situation.
Austin, on the other hand, knows how difficult it is to find a girlfriend while working as a coroner, and he is unwilling to continue.
Fortunately, his girlfriend isn\’t terrified of the morgue and offers  to see the dissected bodies. The girlfriend is curious as to why each corpse has a bell attached to it. Tommy explains that it is a coroner\’s job to make sure people are dead. Austin is getting ready for a date with his girlfriend after work when the sheriff drops the dead woman\’s body at tilden\’s morgue. because ecause of the importance of this task, Austin cancels the date and asks his girlfriend to return a few hours later, which she agrees to.
Before the night is out, the sheriff wants them to figure out who the dead woman is and how she died. After dismissing the sheriff, Austin activates the video recorder and begins the autopsy with Tommy, his father. The radio is currently forecasting sunny skies for the next few days, but no one is paying attention.
They began the autopsy with a visual examination. They discovered that Jane Doe was between the ages of 20 and 30 years old, with a thin waist, fair skin, and no obvious trauma. But what happens next is beyond the tildens\’ comprehension.
Jane\’s eyes are clouded, indicating that she died recently, but the corpse has not been fossilized, indicating that the death was recent. As they examine her body, they notice that her wrist and ankle have been broken, but there is no bruising or other visible sign of injury on her skin.
Some northern soil is detected in her fingernail, but they are in the south. Then Austin photographs those characteristics while Tommy draws the location of her injuries on the blackboard. A fly crawls out of her nose at the same time, and her nose begins to bleed.
They also discovered that her tongue is missing, there is a thin thread in her mouth, and her genitals have obvious damage.
Austin realizes his date is ruined when he notices the time is already 9:45 p.m.
They then proceeded to the second stage of the autopsy, which was internal testing..

Austin, already tired of the radio noise, switches it to a music channel, and the dissection begins with loud music.
Rare phenomena, on the other hand, continue to occur. First, the corpse\’s blood flows freely like that of a living human being, and then all of the specimens in the refrigerator have gone bad. Things start to get strange as they cut into her. The lungs have been burned several times, as if the body had been set on fire. Other internal organs have been stabbed by various sharp objects. It is medically illogical to have internal organs harmed while her skin remains unharmed. They don\’t know how or why she was murdered in such a complicated way if she was murdered.

Some noises from the hallway distract them when they are deep in thought.
Austin goes outside and sees a man in the retroreflector, but when he approaches it, he finds no one. In the lab, Tommy mistakenly cuts his wrist on a bone, and Austin finds his cat in a ventilation duct. The cat is covered in bruises and appears to be nearing the end of its life. Tommy has to snap the cat\’s neck before reluctantly cremating it in order to relieve the cat\’s pain.
Back to the morgue, where more unexplainable ghostly things await them.

The freezers in which the bodies are kept are kept open automatically. The jimsonweed, a northern flower, is then discovered in her intestines. The flower and soil under her fingernails suggest that the corpse is from the north. The radio then announces that a storm is coming. Austin began to feel insecure and suggests that they pause the autopsy and resume it tomorrow, but Tommy disagrees.
Following that, a piece of clothing with an unusual diagram is discovered in her stomach. Unwrapping the cloth reveals her missing tooth, indicating that it was knocked out by force and swallowed. Austin assumed the corpse was a sacrificial offering of a certain cult after putting all the strange events together.

The radio announces that the storm has caused flooding again. Austin requests to leave yet again, but Tommy refuses to stop the autopsy, and they discover an odd diagram beneath her skin.
The morgue\’s closed door suddenly swings open, and all of the light bulbs on the premises burst like lightning. Tommy finally decides to leave, so the Tildens get up and flee. Fortunately, the generator is still operational, and power is quickly restored. However, the basement exit is blocked by some branches, and they are unable to open it. Worse, their phone reception has been disrupted.

During this time, footsteps and roars can be heard echoing down the corridor. In a panic, the Tildens return to the office and call the sheriff, but the phone also goes out. They hear someone walking outside shortly after that. Austin notices a pair of feet with bells on them through the crack in the door, bells that belong only to the dead bodies. Then it became clear to them that Jane was the source of all their problems.
The hopeless tildens slam the doors shut and try to figure out how to get out.
There are, however, no other options for them. Soon after, Tommy is attacked in the bathroom by an unseen figure with clouded eyes.

Recognizing that this is a battle against the dead, Tommy decides to eliminate Jane before they are cleared. After the footsteps have been cleared, the Tildens return to the morgue. The door automatically shuts as soon as they walk in.
Then Austin takes an axe and cuts a hole in the door. They see corpses stored in refrigerators rise from the crack. Without further ado, they light fires on the dissecting table, but the fire quickly spreads throughout the lab, destroying the video camera and radio. The tildens then use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. After extinguishing the fire, they discovered that Jane had not been burned at all.

Austin and Tommy flee to the lift as hordes of dead bodies chase after them.
However, once inside, the lift door is struck. In despair, Tommy swings his axe at the lift, killing Austin\’s girlfriend unknowingly. Austin\’s grief is indescribable, but he has no time to mourn her death. He returns to the lift with Tommy, and it works flawlessly. However, the lift becomes stuck again after a short period of time. It looked like they wouldn\’t make it through the night.
While stuck in the lift, Tommy apologizes to Austin for insisting on working overtime, which resulted in the disaster. Austin, on the other hand, is baffled as to why the corpse does not want to kill them.

Since the autopsy began, mysteries have accumulated to prevent them from dissecting further. He continues to wonder if Jane had any secrets that could only be revealed through autopsy, and if they can figure out how she died, they might be able to avoid this disaster.
As a result, the Tildens return to the dissection table. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke rises from the cremator. While passing through the thick smoke, Tomy falls to the ground, and Austin immediately helps him get back on his feet.
Jane\’s brain tissue was alive when they arrived at the dissection table, much to their surprise. Austin later discovers that folding the cloth they discovered inside Jane in half leads him to a Bible verse Leviticus 20:27.

They believe the woman was a witch sacrificed in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages based on the verse and the Arabic numerals 1693 on the cloth.
This is consistent with the female corpse\’s slender waist, as waist girdles were popular at the time. Witches in medieval Europe were mostly well-married women who had been wrongfully accused. Tommy assured them that Jane is only torturing them because she wants them to feel the same pain she did over 300 years ago. While saying this, Tommy discovers symbols beneath his own skin, leading him to believe that Jane\’s body was discovered previously but that the survivors had to bury her because they couldn\’t destroy it.They had no choice but to bury her.

Meanwhile, the resurrected body is banging on the door, and Austin rushes to stop them. Tommy, on the other hand, begs Jane to let him bear her pain in exchange for his son\’s safety. Jane\’s joints were immediately healed, but Tommy\’s joints were broken; her eyes returned to normal, but Tommy\’s eyes had turned grey.
When Austin sees Tommy in excruciating pain, he decides to end his father\’s life as soon as possible. Tommy\’s sacrifice appears to be effective. Then Austin hears someone calling their names. He dashes to the exit door, but it is locked. Austin collapses in terror when he sees Tommy\’s figure appear out of nowhere behind him.
When the cops arrived the next morning, they discovered Tommy and Austin are both no longer alive.
Austin\’s deceased girlfriend, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. Today is the fourth sunny day of the week, according to the radio.
Nothing changes in the morgue except that the camera and photos are burned.
Jane lies exactly as she is, with no trace of dissection. The police discovered that Tommy and Austin died in the same manner as the homicide victims.
The Sheriff then directs that Jane\’s body be sent to a nearby university for further study. However, in the van, the radio suddenly blares and plays the same song that was played the night before.
Jane twitches her big toe at the end of the film.

To watch the full movie, click here

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