6 Best Ways to Eat Vegetables for Great Nutrient Retention

How to eat vegetables


This powerful element of the human diet can come in varying shapes, sizes, flavors and textures. Some examples; leafy greens, potatoes, eggplants etc. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, water and fiber.

Healthy as breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are trying to cut a few pounds you could add more of these to your diet and completely choose veggie options for dinner.

Vegetables are cooked and served in many different and interesting ways globally, as cuisines vary by region so does species of vegetables and processing and cooking differ too. Take for an instance, fermenting of vegetable; even though the concept is the same, the method and flavor or spice profile will vary e.g. the German sauerkraut and Korean kimchi.


Ways they feature in diet:

  • Raw
  • Boiled
  • Steamed
  • Stir- fried
  • Grilled
  • Pickled/fermented



Raw vegetables

In this state all the goodies are intact, full of fiber, vitamins and some minerals. It can be eaten as salad; these are very versatile so there is an array of options to enjoy. It can be blended into juices and smoothies, the likes of lettuce, cucumbers, kale with some fruits etc.; they are good for detoxing  and doesn’t necessarily need to be paired with any food.



Boiled vegetables

Cooked in broths, soups, stews. It could be the main base of the soup as in Nigerian style of cooking, or give flavor and texture to soups in some cuisines. It can be paired with some rice, bread, proteins of choice or eaten by itself.



Steamed vegetables

This style; the veggies are not submerged in some broth, instead they’re cooked by heat, sometimes with a little broth or water. Usually the leaves just need to wilt a bit or the vegetable cooked a bit… and it comes as a side dish.



Stir-fried vegetables

This style of cooking is so flavorful, and veggies can remain a little crunchy depending on cooking time.

It goes into sauces, rice dishes, meat dishes, many possibilities. The vegetables are dressed and cooked in some oil, seasonings and spices.



Grilled vegetables

This is also really delicious, some oil, and seasoning in a griddle pan, on barbeque grill or in an oven grill.



Fermented vegetables

This method not only prolongs the shelf life of vegetables, it preserves all the nutrient and it is loaded with extra goodness; probiotics. This flora of good bacteria is very beneficial to our health, it promotes gut health and can boost our immunity.


Why method of cooking is important;

The method of cooking for vegetables is crucial as to ensure gaining all the essential nutrients. The cooking time is also very important, the longer it cooks the lesser the fiber and some key vitamins.

Your vegetables preferably should be eaten raw or pickled. Veggies can be juiced, blended in smoothies, wraps or salads. In this state all its fiber content is retained. If fried some antioxidants will be lost in the process and a percentage of the fiber too.  Stir fried a little or steamed is the next best option after consuming them raw.

They can also be a great addition and fiber boost to food like muffins, homemade noodles or pasta and bread.

Overall we should try to eat fresh, if possible organically grown vegetables often and in substantial amounts.

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