5 Fun Places to Visit in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria and of course, you tend to have lots of fun too. If you’re new to the city of Abuja and you’re clueless about a place to go and have lots of fun, this post is for you.

Here is the list of fun places to visit in Abuja

1. Almat farms.


It is located in kuje, the Southwestern part Of Abuja, Nigeria.

Almat farm is an agro-tourism center that integrates hospitality into innovative farming.

The serenity and greeny nature of the environment are so perfect for a weekend getaway.

At almat farms, one can do a couple of fun activities that stay rent-free in the memory such as

Touring the Walmart farms, hiking, horse riding, snooker, quad bike riding, board games, picnics, and a lot more.
All of these activities are not inexpensive but you don’t have to rob a bank trust me.

There are also accommodations available for people who want to spend a night or more.


2. Jabi boat club.

Located at no 26, Alex Ekwueme way, Abuja.

The Jabi Boat Club, the first of its kind in Abuja, was established out of a desire to bring back the sights, sounds, vitality, and enjoyable activities of the Jabi lake.

I’d say that Abuja’s center for water-based recreation is the JabiBoat club. They provide meals through the Woodhouse Restaurant as well as boat trips, jet ski rentals, and event space.

Other fun activities to do at jabi boat club includes pontoon party boats, kayak, pedal boat, fishing boat

Jabi boat club is a perfect place for adventurous, fun, and experience lovers.


3. Magicland, Abuja.

It is formerly known as wonderland and known as the most famous amusement park in Abuja.

It has a leisure garden for games, relaxation, and lots of rides for all ages.

It has cafeterias and shops all over the place for visitors to explore.

Magicland is a very nice place for family and friends outings. Its beautiful serenity and huge rocks surrounding it make it a perfect place to take memorable pictures.


4. The Trukadero Place

Trukadero is a bowling joint that offers a wonderful bowling experience to its visitors. It is located in Wuse 2, Abuja Nigeria.

It is well known for being a multifaceted fun center that offers a variety of indoor games.

It also has an amusement park for kids to have lots of fun and a Chinese, African and continental restaurant for every visitor.

Trukadero indeed offers a unique gaming experience as bowling is not a typical game in Nigeria


5. D.usual Karaoke lounge

D.usual is a karaoke lounge located at The Lake Square, 466 Alex Ekweume way, jabi Abuja. They offer Karaoke all day every day from 4 pm and It’s free. They also serve food and drinks so of course, this makes sense.

It’s a lounge with an artistic design across its walls. It’s very colorful and pretty for pictures and it vibes more in the evenings. They open till as late as 2 am.

Have you been to any of these places in Abuja?

Tell us your experience in the comment section

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Wow…ion know there are beautiful 😘 places like this in Nigeria


Well, we’re happy to bring them to your knowledge. smiles.

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